25 January 2018


It’s a platform to enhancing everydayness become part of human societies. Spotlight daily routine activity as a interpretation of dialogue among others. In general, will frequently encompass range of phenomena through participative social education. Subsequently generated solution to common problems. Everyday life represented something appear with surrounding. Give a relation with object, experience, place, and other human. Furthermore related to distinct variable of activity which make a habitual responses. In particular, human response ought to be identify encircle with general situation. By re-constructed various of acknowledgement will possibly appreciate new form of daily life. On the other hand, accommodating an obvious dialogue in relation with reciprocal society which concern to achieve collaborative action of sharing, making, discussing trough social learning bounded by designated community. Finally, bring diverse community to resolve global issue with their resiliency to face social and economics problems through design thinking and creative industry.

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Ara Studio

ARA Studio is a group of architect, designers, and engineers which base in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

We emphasized value of idiosyncrasies from characteristic that make someone unique to particular skills and value of collaboration and participation which make a great teamwork effort.

To create a diverse and well-functioned body of works for public, private, and commercial clients, we try to balance and open-minded approach with the relation exploration between research, design and the characters of project.