100 designers and creative people from Bali and other cities from Indonesia + Germany, Netherland and Japan will be involved in the first Design Week in Indonesia. Join them on 4 - 13 May 2018 in Seminyak , a design district in Bali


From micro libraries in some cities in Java to a temporary cinema in Sabang- Aceh and how a new city can be strive by its architecture in Tulang Bawang , South Sumatera.. see the works of some prominent architects who designed the facilities in some cities or remote places in Indonesia
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seminyakdesignweek for the details


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Ara Studio

ARA Studio is a group of architect, designers, and engineers which base in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

We emphasized value of idiosyncrasies from characteristic that make someone unique to particular skills and value of collaboration and participation which make a great teamwork effort.

To create a diverse and well-functioned body of works for public, private, and commercial clients, we try to balance and open-minded approach with the relation exploration between research, design and the characters of project.