25 January 2018

Community Making

There are two basic ways of understanding human life, first is living as an personal and second treated as a collective. This is appear in marriage life, if you see the husband and wife as a single entity interacting each other then say “If you want to get along better, then you should do this”. But when the marriage becomes a value in itself, and the husband and wife are told to sacrifice in order to make it work, then they are acting as collectivist.

In some sociocultural condition, collective related with communicate honestly each other, which bring individual person as a member in part of join system called community. Where there is a dialogue foundation of learning knowledge in a group based, which able to make consumer as a participants in economics value terms.

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25 January 2018

Design life

A child ask to his father, “Why we drink water with a glass, but coffee use a cup?”. It’s a simple question from a child while asking about different response of drinking. Then father answered, “Because coffee should be tasted just a cup”. Suddenly, the child understood whether a cup designated for drinking coffee. Those precept “a cup of coffee” expressed relation between coffee and how to taste a coffee. A cup designed suitably for a coffee, then a coffee table designed with its ergonomics for the same purpose to enjoy taste of coffee, and coffee shop create as complementary to pleasant just a cup of coffee. Design being made in response of human creativity acknowlement to taste, comfortable, sufficient, and yet to other reason. Occured as a products, places, and anything to enhancing behavioral system. It may very versatile, adaptable along with human knowledge interdependency on time and situation. In other word, as a discourse of everydayness.

Graphic artist by : @tebobo

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Ara Studio

ARA Studio is a group of architect, designers, and engineers which base in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

We emphasized value of idiosyncrasies from characteristic that make someone unique to particular skills and value of collaboration and participation which make a great teamwork effort.

To create a diverse and well-functioned body of works for public, private, and commercial clients, we try to balance and open-minded approach with the relation exploration between research, design and the characters of project.